by Judy Chaikin

I just want to share with you my invaluable experience with the GreenLight Women Connections Action Group, headed by Barbara Weintraub.  I came to the group with a request for help on the creation of a pitch deck for a new series I am developing.

From the very beginning they were there to generously assist me with everything from finding a writer to guide me, connecting me with voice-over talent for my sizzle reel, critiquing numerous drafts and giving me the benefit of all their expertise and experience.  It was the kind of communal help that women have been sorely lacking. GreenLight Women has made me aware of how much power we have when we come together as accomplished women with a goal of helping one another. My specific thanks to Kathleen Davidson, Lillah McCarthy, Tessa Bell, Judith Parker Harris, Penka Kouneva and the dynamic and energetic Barbara Weintraub. Their encouragement and support kept me going through a long and arduous process.  A special nod to Ivy Kagen Bierman and Marion Rosenberg, the driving forces behind Greenlight Women. P.S. The first producer I sent my pitch deck to loved it and has come on board! – Judy Chaikin, Director, The Girls in the Band