GreenLight Women - Newsletter - Spotlight on Jerri Sher


“Fantastic write- up on an incredible woman. How proud I am to know her!”
– Frances McCaffrey

“In case you’re looking for feedback, this interview with Jerri Sher is my favorite thing that GreenLight Women has done in the past 365 days. I’ve seen the film, which I loved (and recommended to all of my students). This interview gives me a context for how it was made as well as sharing personal insights into how it fits into the filmmaker’s overall life. It was empowering to read that Jerri Sher purposely and successfully negotiated to ensure that the film would be “one-third military, one-third athletes and one-third civilians” – a winning combination for a broader audience. And including what her husband said about “…there’s your million dollars” was heartwarming, too.”
– Alexis Krasilovsky