Change. It’s the only constant and it is inevitable. But just because times are changing doesn’t mean you, your job and your creativity have to go away.

With age comes wisdom, maturity, responsibility and the ability to make wise, efficient decisions. Experienced professionals in the business may serve as mentors to younger executives, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to retire. Far from it. Now is the time to make the projects one has dreamed of one’s entire life and to explore reimagined ideas with a sense of confidence and a sea of connections.

GreenLight Women’s Advocacy Program was formed to address “isms” within the entertainment business and within our society at large: ageism, sexism and racism.  Our focus is supporting women over the age of 40 and shining a light on systemic ageism in an industry that idolizes youth.

We are fighting to change outdated perceptions and stereotypes, and we are advocating for change so that all people, no matter their age, race, sex or religion are treated equally.  For too long,  Hollywood has ignored these issues.  We are promoting diversity in media and championing independent voices. 

To that end, we have joined with the following organizations, along with SAG/AFTRA, to 
fight for the rights of individuals who have had their ages released to the public on databases by corporations like IMDB. Our position is that releases of this nature should be approved by the individual. No corporation should have the right to publish a person’s age without permission.  GreenLight Women joins:

AARP Foundation
Alliance of Retired Americans
Association of Talent Agents
Communication Workers of America
Studio Transportation Drivers
Local Union No. 399 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
California Labor Federation
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, Inc., Transcend Legal, Inc.,
Equality Federation
National LGBTQ Task Force
Transgender Law Center
L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl
Berkeley Law Professor Catherine Fisk

GreenLight Women Advocacy is shaking the old paradigms and creating a new world where people will not be defined by their age. We are fighting for your rights and the rights of your colleagues in a time where lifespans are expanding and new technology makes possibilities limitless. 

 There’s no substitute for experience.