Jan Marlyn Reesman is an alumna of the American Film Institute from the Directing Workshop for Women.  She is an emeritus of  The Alliance Of Women Directors.

She has directed and produced films and TV.  (See IMDB)

She was a casting director Marlyn/Turco Casting.  For many years, she was a personal entertainment manager.

Jan’s background is in theater as a producer/director/writer. Jan was a member of The Actors Studio’s writers/directors unit.

She is currently developing a sitcom BABY BOOMER BUNNIES, and writing a memoir, Larceny In My Soul. Her feature thriller, JUNCTION, was in the top 12 % at Nichol Fellowship.

In the past, Jan was a veterinarian-technical and animal behaviorist. She currently runs a non-profit for animals.  saintfelixcatrescue.com