Concepción Lara

Concepción Lara is a pioneer and an expert in media and entertainment. She led the multi-channel industry’s foray in the U.S. Latino Market as well the expansion of key digital venues and satellite TV channels into Latin America. Lara is well-versed in multi-platform distribution which covers television, Internet, mobile phone and other digital distribution vehicles.

Lara proposed and was instrumental in the launch of HBO in Latin America, which was the first pan-continental television venture ever, and HBO’s most successful. She was a key force behind the creation of HBO Latino domestically and the Fox Latin American Channel, among others.

The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Lara was recently honored with the 2015 Leadership Award for the United Nations’ Time for Global Initiative. She serves on various boards, including Women In Film, the Leadership Council, Media for Social Impact for the United Nations and GreenLight Women.

A graduate of Stanford University, Lara is a native of Mexico. A true member of the global community, Lara has also lived in Argentina, Korea, Germany and Indonesia.