Lisa Gewirtz

Born and raised in New York City, Ms. Gewirtz spent her youth touring all over the world with her family’s performing act, singing and playing a number of musical instruments, on her vacations from school. She attended the “famed” High School of Performing Arts, and immediately upon graduation moved to Los Angeles where she began working for various celebrities in a variety of roles. She continued to fill her creative needs by performing around town, accompanying others when needed, and singing and playing songs she wrote. She found herself many years ago at a crossroads, wondering what life would have in store for her next. Within hours her phone rang with an offer from a payroll company of all things, in the entertainment industry. With nothing to lose, she began working for Entertainment Partners as an administrative assistant in the Marketing department. She was able to climb the ladder of success at a rapid speed, having maintained the position of Director of Marketing and Sales at the same company for quite a few years. In this role, she traveled far and wide, interacting on a daily basis with heads of production, directors of finance, UPMs, accountants, assistants, as well as countless others. As of last year, she took all of the skills she had acquired and opened up her own company, acting as a professional matchmaker for these same folks she had been working with, calling her business Matchmakerrr, with the last 4 letters standing for Events, Resumes, Research, and (Professional) Relationships. She also finds the time to still create music and some of her material has been featured in theatre, movie trailers, TV shows, commercials and CD’s.