Annika Hylmö, Ph.D. has a doctorate in Communication, or Storytelling, as she puts it, from Purdue University. She studied female-driven tales in academia, where her research into movies starring teenage girls led her passion for visual media to her own screenwriting and story development. Born in Sweden and raised internationally, Annika credits Pippi Longstocking as an early role model. While she is largely genre agnostic, she has a soft spot for mythologies, supernatural and science fiction movies.

Annika is in production with THE LAST WITCH, a documentary about the exoneration of the last convicted woman from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials in July 2022. She recently co-produced Academy Award-nominated Daniel Raim’s documentary, IMAGE MAKERS for Turner Classic Movies, about early cinematography and the story of the people behind the camera. Her short film, DR PENELOPE, a story about a psychology graduate student who finds an unexpected mentor in a psychic puppet, is flying around the world on the festival circuit was executive produced by Academy member Tom Rickman.

Annika is one of Women in Media’s CAMERAderie Initiative producers and a part of Greenlight Women’s prestigious International Writers Intensive. She previously worked at the American Film Institute’s Conservatory and currently works as a creative producer and story consultant. In her free time, she rides a horse called Eddie.