GreenLight Women and NewFilmmakers Los Angeles have partnered! 


GreenLight Women and NewFilmmakers Los Angeles will partner on a panel discussion entitled  “Experience and Ageism in the Entertainment Industry”

We will discuss careers, mentoring new creatives, cross generational work, and how to dismantle antiquated thinking about age in the film industry.

Friday, January 14th
Time: 3:00pm PDT to 4:30 PM
Where: Eventive Platform
Tickets: $10.00



1. Iris Grossman – President of GreenLight Women and manager/producer at Echo Lake Entertainment. Two-term past President of Women In Film. 

2. Nancy Schreiber– Award-winning Cinematographer. Winner of the Kodak Vision Award. Winner of the Excellence in Cinematography Award at Sundance. Multiple other award nominations.

3. Carolyn McDonald– Producer/ writer. NAACP Image Award Winner. Writer / director. CableACE Award winner. Photographer.

4. Marcia Ross– Producer/ documentary “Nasrin”. Award-winning casting director.

5. Lucy Webb – Award winning actress; HBO “Not Necessarily the News”; Producer Warner Bros. Television, NBC, Lifetime.

Join award-winning producers as they discuss a new paradigm for aging in Hollywood! For more information on this event please click here. https://www.newfilmmakersla.com/events/event/nfmla-panel-experience-and-ageism-in-the-film-industry-with-greenlight-women/

The NFMLA theme for the month of January is “Counterageism.”  We are also pleased to announce that GreenLighter Janet Van Ham has completed her short films and they have been accepted to the 2022 January festival. Her films, “Don’t Close your Eyes” and  “If You Want Me To,” can be viewed on January 15th at the festival.  “Don’t Close Your Eyes” has been selected for Toronto International Women Film Festival, Boston Women’s Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, San Francisco Indie Film Fest, semi-finals.

Please go to NFMLA website for more information on how to view. https://www.newfilmmakersla.com/