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Many of you have expressed an interest in having a membership roster which would enable members to contact each other. To respect the privacy of those members who do not wish to have their information listed, we will be sending you an e-mail soon asking you to confirm your listing options, including your name and any of the following: e-mail address, phone number, website, IMDB listing, and your photo. Please look for the e-mail and respond by the deadline to make sure your listing is exactly the way you want it.
GreenLight Women Events
GreenLight Women members were treated to a refreshing break from Covid on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 12,) when members Marion Rosenberg and Judy Chaikin interviewed famed Hollywood makeup artist Bobbe Joy Dawson via Zoom. Bobbe shared her beauty secrets in a twenty-minute video and spoke about her notable career, starting with her work at the Jon Peters salon in Beverly Hills (the inspiration for the movie Shampoo). A full report of the event, including Bobbe’s Top Ten Tips to look great on Zoom, can be found on the GreenLight Women Website at

Bobbe’s newly-released book Raising Eyebrows: Confessions of a Beverly Hills Makeup Artist, can be found on Amazon, Nook, Apple Books and Kindle. She will be happy to sign a copy if you wish to purchase it on her website.

As you may know, GreenLight Women is participating in a wonderful program with the Motion Picture & Television Fund to make phone calls to retired members of the film community. Here’s one of the many rave reviews we’ve had for this program.

“For months I have been down in the dumps, not really depressed but constantly angry that my busy, productive life has been completely turned around by this pandemic prison I find myself in.

I had heard about the MPTF daily call volunteer program through GREENLIGHT WOMEN, so decided to sign up. The red tape was a little daunting. Not being computer savvy, I plodded through all of the steps and was finally accepted.
I was matched up with a delightful 90 year old gentleman, his wife of 60 years in a care facility and he still living alone in their home.

Monday through Friday at 10am on the dot I call. He picks up before the end of the first ring and we joyfully chat for half an hour with a great deal of laughter and learning, finishing each others sentences and sharing a wealth of experiences. We both have a lifetime love of all things industry; the list of conversational topics grow (and flow) with endless ease. My phone pal has brought me full circle back to my old, energetic, optimistic self; he is a true joy. I am supposed to be cheering him up, but that thirty minutes each morning lights up my day. Covid confinement, masks, sanitizers, and social distancing don’t seem so bad."

--Patricia Cullen

If you would like to participate in the MPTF “Call Sheet” contact
Spotlight on GreenLight Women Committees

The Connections Committee meets with any GreenLight Women member who would like a sounding board on a variety of topics. It could be about careers, projects, scripts, pitch decks, etc. It’s a safe place for any member to explore whatever it is she wants or needs and exemplifies creative team work.

Many GreenLight Women members have participated in a Connections meeting. The results have included finding a distributor for one member’s documentary, helping another member attach a well-known producer to her series concept by guiding her through development and refining a pitch deck for her, and assisting a successful marketing executive’s transition to screenwriter by offering feedback on a script.

If you are interested in meeting with the Connections Committee, we meet the last Wednesday of each month. For information email
Celebrity Sale 4 Hope
GreenLight Women Members:

We could really use your help!

As you know, we have partnered with City of Hope to help raise funds to continue their research and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases (including COVID-19). We were all shocked to hear of the death of Chadwick Boseman from cancer. The money we help raise can make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.
That is why we are holding the Celebrity Sale for Hope - a "Celebrity Garage Sale." What we need you to do is reach out to any celebrity you know who could donate something to this worthy cause. It’s easy to donate. When you get the commitment of a donation, nothing needs to be picked up or done at the moment. You make the donation through the secure website at The Donation Form is filled out by the donor, including a video about the item or a photo. When the item is purchased, City of Hope will make arrangements to pick up and deliver.

Here are a few items we have already received to give you some ideas.

-- Autographed Diana Ross CD
-- Autographed HAMILTON CD
-- Signed T-shirt Hugh Jackman
-- Autographed book THEN AGAIN by Diane Keaton
-- A 1930s signed George Hurrell Photograph of Rosalind Russell
-- WONDER Signed Script (first page) (Starring Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay)
-- Limited edition original hand-painted etching of Mickey Mouse (edition size 500).
-- Signed Poster of THE FORTY YEAR OLD VIRGIN - Judd Apatow
-- Billie Eilish will contribute a signed Billie Eilish Fender Ukelele

The Celebrity Sale 4 Hope will now launch with a VIP Preview PreSale on November 17 and then open to the public on November 18 and 19. VIP Preview PreSale tickets are $50 for the opportunity to be the first to buy these items. Hosted by Eric McCormack. If you have any questions, please contact Hollace Davids at

GreenLight Women will also receive a percentage of money raised, to help grow our organization.

We thank you in advance for your assistance.
Members in the News

... was featured in this article in the online magazine “In Their Own League.”

Best-selling Author and Award-Winning Dating Coach

... was a recent guest on NBC Today in LA on the subject of “Dating in a Pandemic.”

Here’s the link to the segment:

Manager and Executive Producer

Her comedy special, Gina Brillon: The Floor Is Lava was released in June. You can check it out now for good clean laughs.

EMMY Award-winning Director/Producer

Her feature doc Quiet Explosions: Healing The Brain will be released by Cinema Libre Studio in November on VOD streaming, Amazon, Vimeo, etc. This story of the healing of Traumatic Brain Injury and PTS patients, including vets, athletes, and civilians, explores new methods of becoming whole again. These protocols could help save someone you love. Like us at quietexplosions on Facebook for updates.
Producer, Director

Julie’s short film 7am Wednesday won best psychological thriller at the Hollywood Women’s Film Festival, as well as Best Actor in a Drama Short for Austin Levenson (of The Middle) and Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Short for Carie Kawa (of Little Fires Everywhere).

Also awarded at the festival were member Nancy Schreiber, for her wonderful cinematography; and Shirley MacLaine, who received a lifetime achievement award.
Recommended by GreenLight Women Now:
The Motion Picture Academy has been producing an ongoing series of dialogues about race, gender, and inclusion. Member Rommel Foster-Owens sent us this link and recommends that we watch the first conversation in the series between Whoopi Goldberg and Bryan Stevenson. Bryan Stevenson is a lawyer, a social justice advocate, the founder of The Equal Justice Initiative, and the author of the memoir, JUST MERCY, and he is brilliant.

This conversation between Whoopi and Bryan is powerful, incredibly insightful, and, ultimately, inspiring. As Romell stated in her initial email, “This is perhaps the most powerful and honest conversation about Race and Hollywood around.” Please watch it.

Here’s the link to the conversation:

Here's the link to Motion Picture Academy's page:

Turner Classic Movies and the WOMEN MAKE FILM documentarians are trying to change the film canon.
With the groundbreaking new 14-part documentary WOMEN MAKE FILM and accompanying programming on TCM that features 100 films from women filmmakers across six continents, they're celebrating and shining a light on the vast numbers of women who've been making movies since the beginning.


... on diversity in television and how we tell our stories. Presented in association with Define American.

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