Welcome to GreenLight Women! We are the first and only organization in the entertainment industry focused on the challenges of professional women over 40.

Why is this important?  When I started in the business it took a good ten years before anyone took you seriously.  By the time you had confidence in your abilities you had about ten years to do the job.  After that, the marginalization began to happen. Older executives, creatives and talent were systematically being moved aside around the age of 40. Ironically, it was at a time that they were doing some of their best work.

The thing is, we don’t see ageism until it happens to us.  It creeps up on you and suddenly you’re aged out of your own career.   For many Baby Boomers, the mere idea they were getting older was…unthinkable.  In our minds there is no reason why we can’t do the same work we did 25 years ago. So it comes as no surprise that we are not interested in inheriting a limited stereotype about what older woman are capable of.

We aren’t going to change the minds of skeptics and convince them we are smart, talented and vibrant just by saying so.  We have to show them.  And to change other’s attitudes, we need to change our own, too, and get rid of any baggage about aging we are still carrying around that’s holding us back.

Looking back at the roles of older women throughout history, we see leaders and healers and guides helping people throughout life’s journey.  The world is a pretty strange place right now, maybe this is just another sign that our help is needed out there.  But for right now, knowing that our help is there for each other in GreenLight Women is a good start.

Please check out the programs and events and we hope you will consider joining.

Iris Grossman