Linda Pace Alexander, a screenplay writer and playwright studied at The Goodman School of Drama at the Art Institute in Chicago. Linda moved to Los Angeles, and her play, The Flag Factory, was developed at Theatre West with Betty Garrett in the lead role and then onto a staged reading at the Actors Studios Playwright’s Unit. Bethune Theatredanse commissioned Linda to write Bird of Passage, an original play tailored to the dance company merging ballet, poetry, media, and sculpture, which premiered in Hollywood at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles.

Linda piloted twenty-seven years of heart-pounding, worldwide events as Vice President of Special Projects, creating and overseeing World Premieres marketing Universal Feature Films. Linda considers Schindler’s List a highlight with Benefit Premieres worldwide for Holocaust museums. The tour ended in Washington, DC, saluting the living ‘Schindler Survivors’ and hosted by Justice Ginsburg at the US Holocaust Museum with President Clinton and Hillary Clinton in attendance. Most harrowing was a World Premiere of King Kong for 10,000 guests in New York’s Time Square – and it snowed! Most daunting was the Fast and Furious Five World Premiere in Brazil. Getting the word out on Get Out was an exciting grassroots campaign that featured fan art at Special Awards Screenings. Linda worked all during the genesis of Universal Pictures’ Franchise Films, including Jurassic Park, The Bourne Identity, The Fast & the Furious, Despicable Me, Bridget Jones, American Pie, Mamma Mia! and Pitch Perfect.

Currently, Linda is creating a TV Series entitled TentPole, inspired by her journals of Hollywood madness and was developed through Greenlight Women’s International Writers’ Workshop.

Linda’s TV Pilot, The Pleasure Garden, was inspired by her Italian family’s renaissance battle over the rise of fascism in their seaside town in Italy and was developed through Greenlight Women’s Connections. The Pleasure Garden is recognized by numerous Film Festivals and Fellowships, mentioning a few: Austin Film Festival, CineStory Foundation TV Retreat Fellowship, Screencraft, and Page International Screenwriter’s Awards.

Member – Dramatists Guild, Theatre West, and Greenlight Women