GreenLight Women is the first and only non-profit organization in the entertainment industry to focus on the needs and challenges of professional women over the age of 40.  Our purpose is to fight ageism and provide a community of support and encouragement for the thousands of women who are navigating getting older in our youth-oriented business; to help each other achieve our individual goals, to promote diversity, to share our knowledge and experience with the next generation and to change attitudes about aging in our industry. 

GreenLight Women was conceived in 2017, after many of us in our 40s and 50s and older began to notice that other  women like us were being pushed out of jobs and organizations.  Some were overlooked for performance work and creative projects because of their age.  This was troubling to see for many reasons, including financial.  No one we know is retiring soon.  

Not one of us feels “old”.  We have creative ideas to realize and new skills to learn.  We also recognize that we have a  valuable perspective on the business that is different from our younger colleagues. We understand efficiency and know how to save money. We have a maturity that only comes with years, making us stronger and more patient leaders.  We know how to negotiate, we know what makes people tick and how to get stuff done.

The world has preconceived ideas about aging – antiquated stereotypes that are no longer valid.   It is up to us to challenge those ideas and prove them wrong.  This is what GreenLight Women is about.  It’s a forum for advocacy, change and self-discovery and defining our future on our terms.